The First Trailer for Kid Cudi's Documentary Is Here

The First Trailer for Kid Cudi's Documentary Is Here

Ask any millennial which artist had the most impact on their formative years and chances are, Kid Cudi is among one of the top answers. Now, Amazon is releasing a new documentary following the artist's journey to stardom. A Man Named Scott, coming out next month, gives a peek into the kind of person that Cudi is and how far he's come.

The two-minute trailer, released today, features performance footage, testimonials from fans and pieces of an interview that Kid Cudi conducted for the documentary. After the trailer opens with Pharrell Williams describing Kid Cudi as an artist that doesn't "adhere to boundaries," we then see clips of where he's been as well as hear Cudi talk a bit about his reason for making music.

"Everything I make has to help people in some way," he says early on in the trailer. Later on, he explains what he thinks when making new records. "How can I make something that calls out to the broken, the lost. I need to feel something with the music."

But the film won't just cover his creative process — the journey that follows his career from the beginning also talks about when he felt like a "fraud" because of internal struggles. Kid Cudi gets open and honest about everything that he's gone through to paint a picture of the man today who reveals — towards the end of the trailer — that his work isn't done just yet.

To see the full movie, you'll want to be subscribed to Amazon Prime Video as it drops Nov. 5 on the platform.

Photo via Getty/ Scott Dudelson