Khloé Kardashian Called 'Greedy' for Selling True's Old Clothes

Khloé Kardashian Called 'Greedy' for Selling True's Old Clothes

Khloé Kardashian is coming under fire for selling her daughter's used clothes.

Last week, the reality star revealed that she'd be restocking her family's resale site, "Kardashian Kloset," with some of 3-year-old True Thompson's old designer clothing. However, the announcement was met with ample backlash after fans saw that the secondhand items cost hundreds of dollars, including items like Fendi jeans, Gucci shoes and an Oscar de la Renta dress, especially seeing as how Kardashian is already a multimillionaire.

"Why does everything they do need to be about $$$$$???," a critic wrote, while a second pointed out that Kardashian is often given these designer clothes as a celebrity and asked why she wasn't just "donating them" like "the rest of us regular folk."

"I don’t understand this," they said. "The family gets almost all of their clothing donated to them, they’re billionaires and the rest of us regular folk that buy our stuff donate what we no longer need."

Meanwhile, some commenters were more blunt, with one accusing her of being a "greedy fuck" and others asked if she was "broke," because "These prices are ridiculous!"

Elsewhere, some were more focused on the fact that Kardashian wasn't just donating the clothes, with a Twitter user writing, "Who would pay thar much for children's clothing let alone used."

"Who gives a damn about brand names," they continued. "So disgusted when these clothes could be donated to people I'm need. Everything is about money with Kashdashians! I gave all my stuff away to people that could use them."

That said, there was one particular item that really got people talking given its steep mark-up: A pair of $6.99 Target tights that were listed on Kloset for $20.

"You really deadass reselling some target kids tights for $20 when they $7," one commenter said, before another chimed in by saying Kardashian was "selling Target brand children's tights for 3 times the retail amount, PLUS $15 shipping."

Either way though, a lot of people just thought the entire virtual yard sale "mad weird."

Though some defenders argued that she could be "donating the proceeds" to charity.

Kardashian, however, has yet to respond to the criticism.

Photo via Getty / Cindy Ord