Let's Talk About Khloé Kardashian's Pantry
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Let's Talk About Khloé Kardashian's Pantry

It all started with the cookie jars. After Khloé Kardashian posted a photo of some red roses sitting atop her kitchen counter to Instagram, followers were quick to flood the comments inquiring about the object they found more intriguing: a massive two-gallon glass canister filled to the brim with perfectly stacked Keebler Vienna Fingers.

Soon after, Khloé earned the rep of organizational guru — sharing endless content that showcased closets, pantries, drawers, nooks, crannies, etc. around her home with objects removed from their original packaging, labeled and neatly placed in stockpiles that rival even the most avid Doomsday prepper’s storage solutions.

Most recently, the Keeping Up franchise’s newest Middle Girl once again kicked up online chatter after sharing her remodeled kitchen pantry exclusively with Poosh dot com.

What caught our attention, however, isn’t necessarily Khloé’s obsession with arranging her spaces like high-end cannabis retail shops, but rather the grocery selections at hand. Let’s get into it, shall we?

As compared to her sister Kim’s kitchen, which entered social discourse back in 2020 for its “sparse” packaged goods and baffling beverage quantity (she later set the record straight with a full walk-in fridge tour), Khloé’s cupboards are stocked with items we’re not convinced she’s touched in years.

Zooming in far beyond the famed cookies, off the bat, our eyes are drawn to the “canned goods” section. Rows upon rows of Ocean Spray cranberry sauce, Del Monte peaches and canned corn, Progresso chicken noodle and Campbell’s tomato — all very accessible brands and their claim-to-fame items that can be found in conventional grocery stores, rather than Erewhon exclusives. Same goes for the dressings: Ken’s Thousand Island? Hidden Valley Ranch? This exorbitantly rich person’s shelves are somehow not calling me poor. (Though the sheer abundance here, as many have already criticized for good reason, does.)

More than the brand names themselves, we genuinely need to know what Khloé’s doing with all those cans of cranberry sauce. Our single projection is that the Kardashian-Jenner-Disick-West Family Thanksgiving takes place around Khloé’s table, but who knows, maybe she’s an Alison Roman “Fancy Canned Cranberries” salad fangirl. What we can’t speak to, however, is that bounty of canned corn. Not to mention Vl*sic being her choice in pickle.

Let’s continue on into the world of spreads and squeezables.

Khloé has a well-documented oatmeal breakfast regimen, so it makes perfect sense that she has a wide variety of toppings to include. Here, we’re confronted once more with the canonical brands: natural, freshly ground non-homogenized nut butters were left off the shelves in favor of Jiff and Skippy — but no Peter Pan because *taste.* Jams and honeys look fancy judging by the wholesome farmscape labels and bold RAW, UNFILTERED lettering, whereas the maple syrups are giving range. A gorgeous glass bottle of pure Grade A Vermont maple is prominently featured, bookended by the ever classic Pearl Milling Company (FKA Aunt Jemima). We've spotted that one is more frequently placed in the rotation, but we’ll leave it for you to decide what that could mean.

Even the snack bulk bins are chock full of Walgreens receipt coupon favorites: Lay’s, Dorito’s and Snyder’s; Fig Newtons, Mother’s Cookies Circus Animals and Chips Ahoy. But Khloé obviously indulges in her fair share of homemade goodies. The easy-access flour and sugar dispensers are the tell-tale sign that Khloé is an avid baker, though what do we think she could possibly do with all that cornstarch? She must like her concoctions thicc.

Forget the wicker basket filled with backstock collagen and protein powders, the bougiest thing in Khloé’s arsenal — we’d even go so far as to declare it the singular sign of wealth — is the bucatini. There’s not just one, but two full containers of the rare pasta shape. Safe to say we’ve located the source of its US distribution shortage. At least to some degree.

Khloé has always been viewed as the most relatable of the Kardashian Krew and upon deeper investigation, it seems her grocery lists of accessible, legacy brands only serve to further that carefully crafted image.

Photo via Getty/ Will Pippin/ NBC/ NBCU Photo Bank