Where Did All Those Kevin Hart Memes Come From?

Where Did All Those Kevin Hart Memes Come From?

Listen, Gen Z has a strange sense of humor. Maybe the pandemic broke our brains a bit because there was a time when "They did surgery on a grape" was inescapable and that cursed lip-bite photo of Lin-Manuel Miranda was swirling the internet. 2023 has introduced a new and unlikely source for meme fodder: Kevin Hart.

And before you say anything, yes everyone is aware he's a comedian. That's not the funny part. Somehow, people are finding Hart's strangest photos and attaching them to nonsensical captions, using them as reaction memes and looking to the short king's expressive face to feel something. No one seems to be able to pinpoint the origin, but everyone definitely hopped on the bandwagon.

There's clearly a lot of material to work with, but some people have become concerned with where all these photos came from. Did we miss a memo?

There seem to be a few categories of Hart pictures.

There's lit Kevin:

There's serious Kevin:

We also have sexy Kevin, which should be used responsibly:

And my personal favorite, medieval Kevin:

And a gracious user made sure to shoutout the blueprint for the smize king, Shemar Moore.

By the looks of it, Hart's photos have been littered all over his Instagram and Google Images for the world to enjoy, but sometimes it takes a while to recognize the full potential of a good meme, even if it doesn't entirely make sense. Hart doesn't even understand it, but he's not mad either.

So which Kevin Hart are you today? Don't worry, there's so much to choose from.

Photo courtesy of Linnea Stephan/BFA