Kesha Wants to Raise Hell With New Beauty Line

Kesha Wants to Raise Hell With New Beauty Line

After conquering the music world, Kesha is turning her sights to beauty.

The pop star, who has been teasing the release of her new album High Road, recently dropped the video for her single "Raising Hell," featuring Big Freedia. While the song marks the singer's return since 2017's Rainbow, there was a small but significant detail in the video that fans overlooked — until now.

In an interview with WWD, Kesha revealed that the colorful eyeshadows and bold red lips she can be seen sporting throughout "Raising Hell" is actually part of her very own makeup line, Kesha Rose Beauty.

"I feel like my face has been used to try so many different products over the years and I love the transforming thing that makeup can do and [how] you feel more beautiful," Kesha said. "I also love how much fun I have had playing with makeup my entire career and my entire life. My relationship to makeup is not purely to make me feel perfect or beautiful or filtered. It's more to make me feel like my authentic insides are being shown on the outside."

Debuting online December 3rd, Kesha's brand is being launched in partnership with HipDot, which will work with the hitmaker on everything from production to creative concepts.

Kesha has also revealed that the initial product lineup includes a 12-pan FTW Eyeshadow Palette ($36), a set of two dual-ended waterproof liquid eyeliner pens called the Whatever Wherever Wands ($28), and a lip set that includes the Raising Hell Red Lipstick and That B*tch Lip Gloss ($26). All products are clean, cruelty-free and vegan.

Additionally, for $120 you can also grab a limited-edition Collector's box that not only features all the products but also comes with a special note from Kesha. Or for a little less at $90, customers will have the option to buy the "I Want It All' Collection."

The vibrant collection has reportedly been one year in the making and is inspired by nature, sunsets, the desert and the ocean, along with the singer's personal heroes, such as David Bowie and her grandmother.

"My earliest makeup memory is my grandmother, [who] had this cube I thought was real gold. It looked so expensive and fancy," Kesha said. "She actually passed away when I was younger, but that was one of the things I remembered the most: she always was wearing her red lipstick. In the line, I only have two lip products and one of them is this red, red, red. It's reminiscent of my very first experience with makeup. Also it's called Raising Hell because I feel like sometimes when I wear red lipstick, it makes me feel feisty and I'm ready to go out and conquer the world and raise some hell."

Kesha Rose Beauty drops December 3rd and will be available to shop on Stream "Raising Hell," below.

Photos courtesy of Kesha Rose Beauty