Kelechi Turns His Breakup Into a Breakthrough

Kelechi Turns His Breakup Into a Breakthrough

Rising musician Kelechi gives fans a "very personal" glimpse into their love life on "dance in the mirror," out today. "Sometimes relationships don't work out," he writes on Instagram. "And sometimes we have to figure out how to move past those feelings and emotions." This "winding rode to recovery" is shared — walls down — as we follow Kelechi to self-love and acceptance.

"This is a new chapter for my musical journey and I'm so excited to finally share it with the world," Kelechi says, explaining how "dance in the mirror" is one of many songs he's written for this summer. "I wrote this song after going through a break up and I learned it was about the breakthrough I had. This is not a breakup song, it's a breakthrough song."

The single — penned and produced by Kelechi, Jesse St. John and Socialchair — delivers a perfect '80s-inflected pop groove alongside Kelechi's powerhouse vocals. "So I clear out the living room and I sing with the shower on," he wails, with bright guitars and classic "Time After Time" Cyndi Lauper synths bubbling underneath. "Until I get over you."

Director Nikko LaMere echoed the nostalgia of "dance in the mirror" for a music video that plays into vintage footage with cameos from fellow pop artist VINCINT. "In the queer community, our friends are a support system," LaMere says of its deeper meaning. "I wanted to explore the idea of chosen family and the support we give one another when we cannot seem to find the light."

Watch the PAPER premiere of "dance in the mirror" and stream Kelechi's new single, below.

Photography: Nikko LaMere