Kehlani Comes Out as a Lesbian

Kehlani Comes Out as a Lesbian

Kehlani has come out as a lesbian in a new TikTok, saying that she is "gay, gay, gay" but adding that her recent discovery came as no surprise to close family and friends.

The artist joked that the closet was "fucking glass" and that her family all knew she was in there before she did. Their response to the big emotional coming out moment was just, "We know, duh."

But actually, some fans were surprised. Kehlani had said that she was a lesbian on Instagram Live earlier this month ("You wanna know what's new about me? I finally know I'm a lesbian!" the artist told followers who tuned in), but most people seemed to take it as a joke at the time.

So consider this TikTok your confirmation. Everyone's supporting Kehlani for speaking her truth, and she tweeted her thanks to "those who see me & love me" earlier today.

Kehlani was previously in a relationship with with guitarist Javie Young-White, with whom she has a two-year-old daughter. For PAPER's 2018 Pride issue, she spoke about rejecting labels and embracing fluidity:

"People either expect me to be a quote-unquote dyke or femme, and it's weird to me. Especially when queer people do it to each other, because I think when you truly understand the humanness of queerness, there are no rules to this shit."


Photography: Thom Kerr for PAPER