Kehlani Claps Back at Right Wing Troll

Kehlani Claps Back at Right Wing Troll

You would think people would know by now that if you're going to try and come for Kehlani, you will be dealt with accordingly.

A video of infamous alt-right troll, Christian Walker, accosting the singer-songwriter in line at a Starbucks drive-thru made the rounds on Twitter yesterday. In the clip, Walker can be seen getting out of his car and yelling at Kehlani who, according to him, had previously warned the baristas to be safe around him and had called him an "asshole." Walker went on to post the footage of him repeatedly insulting and misgendering Kehlani, who seemed more bemused than anything about the exchange, proudly captioning it with "Well, I set her straight. I’m tired of these fake woke people being rude to everyone and acting like they’re the good ones.”

As Walker's inflammatory videos of him taking on (read: harassing) the liberal snowflakes are designed to do, the post quickly went viral with many praising Kehlani for their overall calm response. And while it's not like we were owed any explanation, Kehlani did take to their Instagram Story to offer a bit of context to the situation.

According to them, prior to the incident with Walker, who is openly gay but has consistently parroted conservative anti-LGBTQ+ talking points, he had been "visibly losing his shit" at the amount of Pride flags hanging around the Starbucks. "I go to this Starbucks often, and I also know and can visibly see that everybody that works there is of color, and a lot of them — can’t assume these things — seem queer to me.”

Kehlani went on to say, “I’m like, ‘Watch out, because he’s coming up here with his fucking phone ready to record. I’m like, ‘He’s a fucking asshole,’ because I’ve just watched him be an asshole for the last 10 minutes.” They explained that prior to recording, Walker had called them a "bitch" for holding up the line and could clearly see what his angle was. “I’m going, ‘I know what you wanna do. You wanna get a reaction out of me so you can go viral,” they said. “‘and you can post this as some kind of take on people with my political stance, or assumed political stance.”

As an added chef's kiss, Kehlani pretty much exposed Walker, who had referred to them in their post as a "mediocre singer," as a hypocrite sharing a 2016 tweet where he proclaims “i love kehlani soo much.” In the end, Kehlani pointed out that there was a bit of irony that they were on the phone with their therapist at the time talking about misplaced anger. If there is a greater lesson to be taken away from all this “Therapy works babes im proof.”

Photo via Getty/ Rich Fury