Watch Alaska Stretch Katya’s Face for Their 'Come In Brazil' Video

Watch Alaska Stretch Katya’s Face for Their 'Come In Brazil' Video

by Riley Runnells

The iconic Katya and Alaska Thunderfuck have released a new music video together for their track, "Come In Brazil," premiering today on PAPER.

Katya, one of drag's most daring and exciting artists, released earlier in 2020 her debut EP, Vampire Fitness. "Come In Brazil" marked the buzzy collaboration between Katya and Alaska as the first single off her EP, and now the two are teaming up for an equally epic companion visual.

The retro-chic, throwback video screams absolute '80s influence, complete with VHS-style effects, mad scientists and old ladies who lunch. Both Katya and Alaska are adorned with the most glamorous clothing, performing in front of sequined curtains in stylish, shimmering dresses and fabulous furs. Also, the fact that Katya laughing demonically is, in many ways, the track's hook is iconic.

"I was so excited to work with JJ Stratford and receive her full retro telefantasy VHS vision for 'Come in Brazil,'" Katya tells PAPER of working with the "Come In Brazil" director. "I thought it'd be so fun and stupid to go with an obvious pun for the concept, especially since Terry Gilliam's Brazil provides so much layered imagery. I also really just loved having my face stretched by Alaska, who is so stunning and such a dream to work with."

Watch the video, above, and stream "Come In Brazil" off Katya's Vampire Fitness EP, below.

Photo courtesy of Katya