Alaska Thunderfuck Has a 'Girlz Night' Out

Alaska Thunderfuck Has a 'Girlz Night' Out

It's finally Friday and Alaska Thunderfuck is ready to party.

Just in time for the weekend, the Drag Racestar has dropped a music video for her new single "Girlz Night," which will make you itch to go out with your girls. A glamorous and glitzy affair, the Nick Laughlin-directed visual follows Alaska and drag supergroup Stephanie's Child — a.k.a. Lagoona Bloo, Rosé and Jan — as they zig-zag across town in a luxe limo, with perfect blonde locks and plenty of champagne in hand, of course.

Taken from her upcoming album Red 4 Filth, the track is an upbeat electro pop gem that gives sexy, fun and super flirty, which makes it a perfect fit amongst previously released singles like "Red" and "XOXOY2K." However, "Girlz Night" is more overtly focused on celebrating the good times and, as Alaska said, being the baddest bitches in the room.

“'Girlz Night' is about that moment of needing to go out with your girls and be hot sluts on the town," she said, explaining that the track is all about the "journey from getting ready, to the car ride, to the actual night at the hot sexy club." And with that in mind, there's no one else she'd rather party with than Stephanie's Child, who Alaska called a trio of "wickedly talented individuals" she's loved for years.

Similarly, Rosé went on to describe the video as a "much sexier and citier queer telling of 'Sex And The City,' but we’re all Samantha."

She added, "Four hot and horny blonde bitches singing about being very young and effortlessly stunning — they ride limos EVERYWHERE, and they never ever pay for drinks, because they don’t have any money." So, can we join?

You can see Alaska perform "Girlz Night" in person on her North America Red 4 Filth tour, which starts on October 25. In the meantime though, get the party started by watching the music video for the song, below.

Photography: Albert Sanchez (Courtesy of Alaska Thunderfuck)