Behind the Scenes of Katy Perry and Alesso's 'When I'm Gone' Video

Behind the Scenes of Katy Perry and Alesso's 'When I'm Gone' Video

"You're on the set of 'When I'm Gone,'" Katy Perry intros in new behind the scenes footage of her Alesso collab. "Also known as 'WIG,'" — which, I feel that already...

Following the opening of her larger than life Las Vegas residency, Play, Perry has released a dance track, "When I'm Gone," with the Swedish DJ and producer. "When I'm gone, I'm never really gone," she teases in the chorus. "You think you're moving on, but it won't be for long, you'll see."

The spacey tune's accompanying music video first premiered during an ESPN football game, showing Perry and Alesso in a tech-driven, industrial environment. They filmed at Los Angeles' Budweiser factory (Perry's "favorite" beer), where she unleashed intense choreography for Director Hannah Lux Davis.

Beyond Perry and Alesso though, "When I'm Gone" features a third notable co-star: Spot, a four-legged robot "dog" made by Boston Dynamics, who even learned choreo for the video. Her collar says, "Nugget," named after Perry's teacup poodle. "That's nugget in the future," Perry jokes. "2040."

So go behind the making of "When I'm Gone," ahead of Alesso's own Las Vegas residency later this year.

Photo courtesy of Rony Alwin