Kate Moss and Kim Kardashian's Vatican Trip Makes Sense Now

Kate Moss and Kim Kardashian's Vatican Trip Makes Sense Now

by Ana Escalante

Kate Moss and Kim Kardashian West are honestly more of an iconic duo than Lizzie McGuire and Italian pop star, Isabella Parigi from the Lizzie McGuire Movie. The two have recently been spotted running around Rome, attending couture shows and visiting the Vatican. Although there's no massive musical number, the newfound friendship between the moms is still what fashion dreams are made of.

We weren't exactly expecting the pair to be joined at the hip, sure, but as Kim is entering her hard working single mother era, we're overjoyed she's networking with one of the industry's brightest stars. When one of history's biggest supermodels is your bestie, the world truly opens up.

Case in fact: the two mothers are bringing their talents together to deliver a Break the Internet-worthy Skims campaign for Summer 2021.

Celebrating the brand's classic staples and just generally being a hot mom, Moss is the latest face of the Kim's shapewear and undergarment line. Wearing some of Skims' most sought-after pieces from the Cotton and Fits Everyone collection, the 47-year-old supermodel intimately looks towards the camera and embraces her curves (sans photoshop fail).

"What Kim is doing with the brand is so fresh and modern, making underwear women actually want and that fits perfectly," Kate said in a statement. "I wear it, my daughter wears it — even my mum wears it!"

Kim announced the news across social media, writing that she and the supermodel first met 7 years ago through Ricardo Tisci, Burberry's current creative director.

"She is THE fashion icon, defining whole generations of culture and style and I am honored to feature her as the new face of Skims this Summer," Kim wrote. Celebrities, they're just like us!

Kate Moss' full photo and video campaign with Skims is set to debut across platforms on Thursday, July 15.

Photos courtesy of SKIMS/ Donna Trope