Kim Kardashian Created a '90s Infomercial for SKIMS

Kim Kardashian Created a '90s Infomercial for SKIMS

by Tiffany Leung

Don't want your sweet chariots to swing low? Your shapewear too tight, it squeezes the essence out of you? Worried that your body shaper will show in that high slit dress you've been dying to wear? Fear not. Call 1-716-SKIMSTV for your perfect shapewear today.

Haters be damned: Kim Kardashian has a knack for savvy promotion.The Kardashian sister has previously surprised us with her chocolate heart PR package for her KIMOJI Hearts fragrances launch that came with a wooden hammer, followed by edible gummy lips during another KKW Fragrances launch in collaboration with younger sister and fellow entrepreneur, Kylie Jenner. Today the reality TV star launched new SKIMS ads satirizing 90s infomercials, and we have to admit they're kind of genius.

The SKIMS infomercials feature a perfect cast: daytime TV queens Kris Jenner, Lisa Rinna and Kyle Richards. The three women very candidly explain how and why everyone should invest in Kim's shapewear. There's even a real SKIMS customer service hotline that you can call, with a robotic voiceover by Kim Kardashian West herself. Seems like the Kardashians have made cable advertising cool again.

Kardashian West announced the launch of SKIMS last year. It's a Spanx-style shapewear line inspired by her decade-long experimentation with body-shapers and personal frustrations on the lack of varied options available on the market. With sizes ranging from XXS to five XL and nine different nude tones, SKIMS has already proven popular with her many fans. Although there were some early controversies when she attempted to name the line "Kimono," angering among others the mayor of Kyoto.

Want shapewear that lets you breathe and be perky at the same time? What are you waiting for? Go on to or call 1-716-SKIMSTV for your fabulous shapewear today! A re-stock hits the site at 9AM on Wednesday.

Image courtesy of SKIMS