Kanye West Is Launching A Makeup Line

Kanye West Is Launching A Makeup Line

Kanye West filed legal documents today stating his intention to produce a line of makeup, lotions, perfume and other cosmetics under the name DONDA. Donda, of course, was Kanye's dearly departed mother who died from surgical complications in 2007. As much as I'm truly, madly, deeply looking forward to a capitalist battle royale between Kylie's Lip Kits and Kanye's Donda gloss, I'm much more excited about the other potential DONDA enterprises coming down the pike...

Donda luxury search engine. Donda speed boats. Donda matchmaking. Donda 7 screen movie experience. Donda compressed natural gas.

The future is here, you guys, and it's pretty much Donda.

Splash image via BFA


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