Who Is Chaney Jones?

Who Is Chaney Jones?

Kanye West apparently has a new muse and she's starting to look awfully familiar.

Instagram model, Chaney Jones, appears to be the latest woman to have caught the rapper's fancy with both having been spotted together multiple times over the past month. From popping up at West's DONDA 2 listening party to attending a screening of Netflix's Jeen-Yuhs documentary and most recently a shopping spree in Miami, Jones is the latest person in West's orbit to stoke dating rumors following his split from Julia Fox in February.

It's unclear what being West's "muse" necessarily entails with one source telling Entertainment Tonight that they are dating and another explaining Page Six that the the two were just friends but Jones is "loving her role.” Jones did seem to make things Instagram official, posting an intimate selfie with West and a black heart emoji to her Story and there's also the photo she shared of herself next to three volumes of Akira the same day the rapper mentioned recovering his collection from his soon-to-be ex-wife.

However, perhaps the most telling indication may be the model's recent abrupt wardrobe change. Eschewing the Alexander Wang t-shirt dresses and nondescript bikinis in favor of almost exclusively Balenciaga looks as of late, Jones has taken on a conspicuously uncanny resemblance to Kim Kardashian ever since she became West's muse. Sporting the same kinds of skin-tight bodysuits, boots, oversized sunglasses and obligatory Birkin, Jones could well and truly have a future career as a professional Kardashian lookalike.

It isn't the first time West has dressed up a girl he was dating like his ex-wife either with Julia Fox having to fend off allegations that she was biting Kardashian's style towards the end of their month-long whirlwind romance. It's no secret that West isn't over his divorce from Kardashian having expressed on multiple occasions that he wants to get back together and even sampling a portion of her SNL monologue on his latest album. It's not an unreasonable leap to draw a connection between West's messy divorce and the way he's styled his muses but it's also far from the most bizarre stunt the rapper has pulled.

Is it an unhealthy behavior? Sure. But if the controversial music video for "Famous" was any indication, West has demonstrated a propensity for sharing a bed with doppelgängers, so maybe we shouldn't be that surprised either.

Photo via Instagram