Justin Bieber Defends Marrying Hailey, Still Loves Selena

Justin Bieber Defends Marrying Hailey, Still Loves Selena

Justin Bieber has been unusually active on Instagram over the past 24 hours. Yesterday he took to the platform to apologize to fans for his absence from the music world, then posted a photo of his wife Hailey Baldwin wearing Victoria's Secret underwear and a Drew House necklace in bed. Now he's diving into the comments section and taking on his haters.

According to a screenshot posted by Comments By Celebs, a troll account called jaileyisajoke ('Jailey' is Bieber and Baldwin's couple name within the Bieber fandom — while 'Jelena' refers to the singer's former romance with Selena Gomez) posted a hateful message about how Bieber "doesn't really love" Baldwin. The commenter also accused Baldwin of being "racist" and criticized her for sleeping with Shawn Mendes "for fame."

Well! Bieber wasn't having it. He posted a long and angry response, calling the troll "immature" and "absurd" and stating that "Hailey is my Bride period." What's unusual is that Bieber responded specifically to the Selena Gomez jibe by saying that he "absolutely loved and loves" his former partner but is wholly dedicated to his marriage with Baldwin. The war between Jailey and Jelena stans has been vicious and ongoing — but this might actually precipitate peace talks.

Congrats, Justin and Hailey, on your passionate love! May all of our husbands defend our honor in the comments section.

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