The Bieber-Balenciaga love-fest continues with Justin's fourth (!) campaign for the French fashion house in the past year.

The look is quintessential Justin Bieber: white tank, big distressed jeans and the Bat Rectangle sunglasses, an outfit not unlike the one he wore for his most recent Balenciaga portrait (baggy pants with holes, a shrunken t-shirt and dark shades).

Except this time, Bieber's sneakers are noticeably dirty and worn-out-looking. He's wearing the brand's Track Sneakers, which aren't sold that way online so it appears they purposely made the shoes look beaten up for the shoot.

Last month, Balenciaga went viral after dropping a campaign featuring its new Paris Sneakers that looked like they were run over by a truck, dipped in mud and left to rot for years. (It released 100 pairs in black and white which promptly sold out.)

The rest of Balenciaga's new campaign today features returning faces like Kim Kardashian in an hourglass taiilored coat and BFRND in a slouchy suit. But the best one by far is actress and Demna muse Isabelle Hupert looking powerful in a fitted all-black ensemble. See more of the campaign, below.

Photos courtesy of Balenciaga