Julia Roberts Stans George Clooney In a Dress Covered With His Face

Julia Roberts Stans George Clooney In a Dress Covered With His Face

Julia Roberts is officially the president of the George Clooney Fan Club.

On Sunday night, the actress solidified herself as Clooney's number one fan while attending the Kennedy Center Honors, where he was being recognized by the NYC performing arts institution alongside musicians Amy Grant, Gladys Knight, composer-conductor Tania León and U2. But how exactly? Obviously by wearing a dress covered in photos of his dreamboat face.

You read that right. To celebrate Clooney's big night, his Ticket to Paradise co-star donned a custom black Moschino gown that featured hunky pics of Clooney from throughout the years, including snaps taken during his time on ER and more recent appearances on various red carpets.

The brainchild of Moschino creative director Jeremy Scott, Roberts' put her look together with the help of her stylist, Elizabeth Stewart, who completed the actress' outfit with a matching Moschino cropped jacket and a classic pair of Chopard hoops.

But it's not actually all that weird, seeing as how the two have been longtime friends of 22 years, with Roberts previously telling People that they "have a similar approach to life."

"We enjoy the same things. We love the work, but we don't make the work our entire life," Clooney chimed in. "It makes going to work really fun. It's very easy for us."

"Listen, the thing about Julia, one of the many great qualities, is she is consistent in her loyalty and in her friendship and in her kindness," he went on to say. "So if you'd ask me what's different, I'd say that with the exception of us getting a little bit older, nothing in terms of who we are, or who you are."

Check out Roberts' iconic tribute to her BFF for yourself via Jeremy Scott's Twitter, below.

Photo via Getty / Albert L. Ortega