George Clooney Has Basically Used a Vacuum Cleaner to Cut His Own Hair For Years

George Clooney Has Basically Used a Vacuum Cleaner to Cut His Own Hair For Years

George Clooney has an unexpected secret weapon when it comes to doing his hair.

Though he's probably wealthy enough to afford an army of personal hairstylists, the actor recently revealed that he's been cutting his own hair for the past 25 years during an appearance on CBS's Sunday Morning show.

"My hair's really like straw, and so it's easy to cut. Can't really make too many mistakes," Clooney said. And what exactly does he use to do that? Well, turns out it's an infamous infomercial "vacuum haircutting system" from the '80s called the Flowbee.

"It comes with a vacuum cleaner and clippers," he said, before explaining that he bought the tool "years ago" and still has it.

"My haircuts take literally two minutes," Clooney continued, though he added that he definitely "wouldn't [use it on his] wife," Amal. That said, the revelation has since upended Twitter, with many users expressing shock at his choice of grooming implement.

"I've been making fun of my dad and his Flowbee for years," one person wrote. "Clooney just took that away from me. 2020 wins again."

Meanwhile, other men warned each other that "using the Flowbee to cut your hair will NOT make you look like George Clooney."

"Can you imagine being so devastatingly handsome you can use a fucking FlowBee to cut your hair and just not end up looking like a severed toe in a riverbed?," as another commenter wrote. "I can't."

Not only that, but all the buzz even managed to eventually elicit a response from the Twitter account for Clooney's new movie, which joked that "we can neither confirm nor deny the use of a Flowbee on the set of #TheMidnightSky."

So while we wouldn't recommend going out and purchasing a Flowbee for yourself, in the meantime, you can check out what else Twitter is saying about the news, below.

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