Julia Fox on Struggling With 'Very Difficult' ADHD, OCD

Julia Fox on Struggling With 'Very Difficult' ADHD, OCD

Julia Fox is opening up about struggling with her ADHD and OCD.

This past weekend, the Uncut Gems stars took to TikTok in response to a fan, who asked about how she handles being neurodivergent while having such a high-profile career. And Fox's extremely candid answer? That it's actually been a "very difficult" task.

Despite saying she's "never really talked about" her mental health struggles, the 32-year-old actress said that living with "ADHD is really tough," which makes sense seeing as how the CDC explains that the disorder "can result in difficulty paying attention and controlling impulsive behaviors."

"It's been very difficult," as Fox said. "I have bouts of great productivity, where I'm on top of the world and just feeling like I'm invincible. And then I have moments of deep, deep, deep, stagnant type of feeling, like I just can't fucking move."

Not only that, but Fox revealed that her struggle is even more complicated due to the fact that she also has "a little bit of OCD as well," which the Mayo Clinic defines as "a pattern of unwanted thoughts and fears that lead you to do repetitive behaviors (compulsions)" that can "interfere with daily activities and cause significant distress."

"I just realized was OCD, because I used to count the number of letters inside of words in my head, and I'd always want them to reach to 10," as she explained, while sharing that she typically uses weed to help with her OCD symptoms, though it's sometimes to the detriment of her ADHD.

"So, the weed quiets down the OCD, but it does not help with the productivity issue with the ADHD," Fox continued before adding, "Ugh, it's just too much."

Additionally, Fox also touched on her experience with postpartum depression following the birth of her 1-year-old son, Valentino, during which she skewered the notion of a baby being "the best thing we're ever going to do" as women.

"I think it's such a reality check when you finally have a kid and you're like, this is not at all the fairy tale that I was fucking promised," she said in the video, which also featured a caption preemptively defending herself against the "hater."

"I love my son to death but I think we need to start having this dialogue," as Fox wrote. "A life without a child can be just as fulfilling if not more and women are more than just one of our many biological functions."

She continued, "Moms will get this. Everyone else will not."

Watch Fox talk about her ADHD, OCD and postpartum depression via her TikTok below.

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