Julia Fox Addresses Her Brother's Arrest

Julia Fox Addresses Her Brother's Arrest

Julia Fox is addressing the circumstances surrounding her father and brother's arrests.

According to a previous report by the New York Post, Christopher Fox, 30, and Thomas Fox, 65, were arrested on Wednesday, March 8 after the NYPD raided their Upper East Side apartment, where they seized an unspecified number of "ghost guns," or firearms without traceable serial numbers, as well as components allegedly made using a 3D printer. Additionally, law enforcement sources said investigators also found evidence of narcotics manufacturing, including a pill press, fentanyl, heroin and materials that can be used to make explosives.

While both men were initially taken into custody, the elder Fox was released without charges. However, Christopher remained in custody for alleged criminal possession of a controlled substance, manufacture of a machine gun and manufacture of a rapid-fire modified device. He was later released after the Uncut Gems star, 33, co-signed his $450,000 bail with their father.

At the time, Julia declined to comment on the incident. That said, she decided to break her silence in a new video posted to her TikTok on Thursday, where she explained Thomas "had no involvement and had no idea what was going on." The model also went on to say that "the media did sensationalize [what happened] a little bit," before saying that Christopher "definitely was not making bombs" and attempting to provide some personal context for fans.

Though both siblings "have a lot of trauma," Julia said she was "able to release a lot of that rage." On the other hand, she believes Christopher "internalized" this anger, leading to a long struggle with his mental health, despite being a "gentle" and "kind" individual that "loves animals, love to plant flowers, has a green thumb [and] loves nature."

"I can say the silver lining to this whole ordeal is that he's finally going to get the help I've been trying to get him for so long," Julia continued. "I wish I could say more, you know, but obviously I don't want to damage his case or anything like that."

She concluded her video by saying, "I will say that I'm just, you know, embarrassed."

You can watch Julia's TikTok about the situation below.


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