Jonathan Van Ness' Haircare Brand Will Be 'Inclusive for All People'

Jonathan Van Ness' Haircare Brand Will Be 'Inclusive for All People'

by Riley Runnells

The ever-iconic and wildly stylish Jonathan Van Ness — who is nonbinary, but prefers "he/him" pronouns — proves once again that there's never a dull moment when he's around.

Though the Queer Eye grooming god and the rest of the cast are taking a break due to COVID, JVN isn't slowing down. In fact, he has been working tirelessly on his first haircare brand, set to launch in summer 2021.

"I'm so full of gratitude to share with you that after years in the making I'm launching my very own haircare brand," JVN revealed today on Instagram, adding that Biossance has earned his trust in skincare over the years. Therefore, he's ready to take their relationship "to a whole new level" by "teaming up with their parent company Amyris to develop their, and my, first ever haircare line."

Fans know JVN has a partnership with the skincare brand, so it's no surprise that he'd work with Biossance to produce his own products. "This haircare line is my new baby and this team is the only one I trust to develop a line of products that carries my name and ethos," JVN continued. "Together, we're developing a haircare line that will be inclusive for all people, effective for all hair types and sustainable to our gorgeous Earth."

JVN is well-versed in the art of haircare. Before he was publicly transforming subjects on Queer Eye (not to mention writing books, doing stand-up comedy tours and... getting secretly married), he worked as a professional salon hairdresser.

"Haircare is one of the fastest growing categories in beauty," John Melo, president and chief executive officer of Amyris, said in a release. "And we are aiming to lead a significant shift in the industry via this partnership with Jonathan."

Because JVN cares so much about authenticity and the environment, his haircare breakout is marketed to offer "unparalleled ingredient efficacy, clean formulas and packaging, with genuine inclusivity."

At this point, there isn't much official information about the brand – what it will be called, what products will launch and when – but until then, follow JVN's Instagram for morning coffee dances and his gorgeous hairstyles.

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