Jonathan Van Ness Launches YouTube Channel

Jonathan Van Ness Launches YouTube Channel

A lot of people have benefitted from Jonathan Van Ness's short, simple but effective beauty tips on Netflix's Queer Eye. And now the nonbinary self-care and beauty guru — who prefers "he/him" pronouns — is lending his fans more of his expertise with the launch of his new YouTube channel.

"I'm so excited to launch my new YouTube channel, JVN Beauty, with everyone," Van Ness said in a statement. "I've learned so much from so many people throughout my career in the beauty industry. I wanted to create a space to share and learn together about hair, skincare and beauty, both inside and out."

Prior to Queer Eye, Van Ness was a full-time hairdresser and the job was something that he was truly passionate about. He says in his introduction video that this channel is a "real homecoming" for him. Beyond haircare and skincare, he's also going to be talking about and giving tips on self-care, because "beauty is an inside job as much as it's an outside job."

For the first season of the show, he's going to be doing solo videos as well as episodes featuring family and friends who have been with him during the past six months. And as the world hopefully opens up post-pandemic, he'll bring in more guests.

Watch the first episode, with JVN cutting his husband's hair, below.

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