Did J.Lo Pay Tribute to Ben Affleck's Boston Roots?

Did J.Lo Pay Tribute to Ben Affleck's Boston Roots?

You may have heard the bizarre news that Jennifer Lopez has reportedly been leaning on her former beau Ben Affleck following the demise of her relationship with Alex Rodriguez. Page Six sources say that Bennifer have been hanging out together at J.Lo's Los Angeles home in recent days, although probably just as friends.

However they might describe their relationship nowadays, it's possible that the erstwhile '00s couple are having fun with all the extra media attention. Here's some evidence: J.Lo sang Neil Diamond's "Sweet Caroline" during Sunday night's Vax Live concert, chaired by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to encourage vaccine confidence worldwide.

"Sweet Caroline" is obviously not one of her usual standards, but it's almost definitely a huge favorite of one Ben Affleck. The '70s track is the unofficial anthem of Affleck's hometown team the Red Sox, and is played at every home game. Affleck is heavily affiliated with all things Boston, most especially the Dunkin' franchise. He and Lopez actually attended a few Red Sox games together, back in the day. Happy memories?

Lopez admittedly had another poignant reason to play "Sweet Caroline": it's a favorite of her mom Guadalupe, who actually joined her onstage for the performance. But still! It feels like there's an Affleck element here.

Adding more fuel to the fire is the fact that Ben Affleck also made an appearance at Vax Live, in a segment that immediately followed J.Lo's. What are they trying to tell us, exactly? And what does Ana de Armas make of it all?

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