Bennifer Alert! This Appears to Be Really Happening

Bennifer Alert! This Appears to Be Really Happening

Wait, wait, wait. Is this actually for real? Those celebrity hounds over at the Daily Mailhave photo evidence that Bennifer, AKA Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck (please note: J.Lo should always get first billing) spent this past weekend on a romantic, luxurious Montana ski resort getaway. Together. (!!!)

Unless you've been living under some kind of 2000s nostalgia-proof rock, you'd have heard by now that the former couple, who broke off their engagement back in 2003 after co-starring in what's widely regarded as one of the worst films of all time, have been spending time together recently "as friends."

But do friends casually vacation together in Big Sky? Well, maybe in Affleck and Lopez's circles. The paparazzi pics show them sharing an SUV at a ski resort (Ben drove) and arriving back in Los Angeles on the same jet. Affleck reportedly owns property near Yellowstone, and used to spend time there with former wife Jennifer Garner and their three kids. (Sad.)

If these two aren't together, they're definitely trolling their fans (or cheating exes?) on purpose. Lopez even played a Ben Affleck-affiliated song during her recent Vax Live set, seemingly in reference to her former beau. They know what they're doing!

We'd sure love to know what Ana de Armas thinks of all this. If you have any insider info whatsoever about the Bennifer resurgence, please get in touch.

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