Exclusive: Ji Won Choi and Adidas Release Second Collection

Exclusive: Ji Won Choi and Adidas Release Second Collection

Korean-born, American-raised designer Ji Won Choi and adidas Originals are back with the second iteration of the cult collection first shown at London Fashion Week. Choi's take on the iconic sportswear brand is interpreted in this collection with a monochromatic black and white palette, incorporating the exaggerated silhouettes and structural shapes that the designer is known for.

PAPER talked to Choi about the collection:

Your last collaboration with adidas was very colorful. Why stick with a black and white colorway this time around?

Creating a black and white colorway was important in order to provide more wearable, more mix-and-matchable options. Not everyone is up for putting on a fuchsia jumpsuit, and that's perfectly okay since there is a black and white option! It also created a completely different vibe to the looks. In color, the collection is very playful and fun, and in black and white, the collection is more sophisticated and chic. I also loved the super graphic visuals of a black and white collection.

Ji Won Choi

There are stylistic references to Korea in the collection. Could you speak a bit to the importance of incorporating those influences?

It was very important to include stylistic references to my Korean heritage because I think it's so important to have that representation in fashion. It's a huge deal for such a global brand like adidas to choose to collaborate with a Korean-American designer, and I wanted to highlight and celebrate this even further.

Ji Won Choi

Who is this collection for? How do you hope it makes people feel?

This collection is for people that are not afraid to stand out. It's for those that celebrate individuality and creativity! I hope it makes people feel like their best possible selves in this collection.

How did you incorporate the adidas stripe into the collection?

I chose to highlight the adidas stripe by repeating it throughout the collection, because it is such an iconic and identifying element of adidas. Anyone who sees three stripes, they immediately recognize that the stripes are adidas — so I wanted to amplify it even more.

Ji Won Choi

What's the experience of working with such a globally known brand like adidas been like?

I have never in my wildest dreams thought I would be working with such a major brand like adidas. I definitely began this whole project anxious because I didn't know what to expect, but I could not have asked for a better experience or a better team or a better brand to collaborate with. The whole experience taught me so much and I'm extremely grateful to adidas for supporting emerging creatives like me!

Shop the adidas Originals x Ji Won Choi collection here.

Photos courtesy adidas