Jenna Marbles Got Married

Jenna Marbles Got Married

That’s Mr. and Mrs. Marbles to you! Former YouTuber Jenna Marbles and her boyfriend Julien Solomita finally tied the knot after nine years of dating.

Solomita shared their nuptial bliss with the world in an Instagram slideshow, captioning it: “married otters <3.”

Their official matrimonial status has yet to be put to the test, but after nine years together, we’re sure the pair can weather any storm. At least their RV-ready desert wedding seemed to indicate as much.

In characteristically out-of-the-box fashion, their wedding looks included a bolo tie, veil and skinny cat-eye glasses (on Solomita), and Jenna Marbles (whose real name is Jenna Mourey) in a tulle-train wedding dress with lace detailing.

Kermit Washington Thornton Lincoln Marbles — aka "Nasty Boy," Mourey and Solomita's dog — was, of course, also in attendance and made a wedding photo cameo in a stroller.

Jenna Marbles quit YouTube back in 2020, ten years after her earth-shattering debut “How to trick people into thinking you’re good looking,” and from the looks of their wedding photos, she and Julien have succeeded. Mourey's videos had accumulated roughly 1.7 billion views at the time of her departure from the site.

Jenna Marbles has been living a largely private life since her exit from YouTube, while Solomita has continued to make a living off of his content as a vegan chef, musical artist, pro gamer and, of course, ghost hunter. We'd call him the breadwinner, but he's gluten intolerant.

Aside from the post, the two have kept their wedding under wraps, and, with no one else posting about the event, it's unclear whether any old YouTube compadres were in attendance. But friends and fans did flock to the comments to congratulate the two. The pair had Brittany Brosky "SOBBING SNOTTY TEARS" and received a resounding "LETS FUCKING GOOOOOO" from Chris Melberger.

The extremely random and unpredictable Jenna Marbles, who helped make YouTube the perfectly unruly place it is, is finally settling down and spending her time tending to her beautiful blended dog family.

Photo courtesy of BFA/ Billy Farrell