Jeni's Made a Starter Pack to Fight Summertime Sadness

Jeni's Made a Starter Pack to Fight Summertime Sadness

Right now, it seems like everyone is in dire need of some sweet serotonin. Between the onslaught of disappointing (to say the least) Supreme Court decisions, the still-very-much-in-existence novel coronavirus further compounded by a new emerging viral predator “Monkeypox” and the impending loss of our one true comfort source, thanks to a recent Juul ban, what once felt like a season filled with excitement has become a bit of a bummer.

Thankfully, Jeni’s is always here to repair the vibes. Last month, the midwestern-based ice cream company resurrected their “sunshine” flavor, specifically created with your mental health in mind and today, they’ve launched their “At the Pool” collection to reset your summer. Just in time for the long holiday weekend.

The limited edition series features five nostalgia-tinged, seasonally charged flavors that will surely help melt anxieties away, including two brand new selections and three returning favorites.

Remember simpler times with a spoonful of Bombastic Sundae Cone (old fashioned vanilla rippled with fudge and coated waffle pieces, akin to Good Humor’s King Cone) and Butterscotch Popcorn (sun-popped popcorn ice cream with butterscotch crunch, just like a handful of Cracker Jack). Or, perk up your taste buds with the puckering Watermelon Taffy and Lemon Bar flavors. Golden Nectar, meanwhile, is like swallowing summer sunlight: warm spices that taste like a chilled chai with notes of caramel.

Better yet, scoop up the whole collection now at participating grocery stores, scoop shops, or on Lord knows you deserve a little treat.

Photo courtesy of Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams