Janelle Monaé Releases Lush Visuals for 'I Like That'

Janelle Monaé Releases Lush Visuals for 'I Like That'

Janelle Monaé's album rollout for the forthcoming Dirty Computer is as creatively nourishing as can be expected from such a multifaceted artist. Each video she's released so far ("Make Me Feel," "Django Jane" and "Pynk" featuring Grimes and vagina-shaped pants) have been stunning and lush, visual feasts for the eyes with intricate costuming and the magnetic Monaé front and center. Now she's dropped the video for "I Like That," a self-empowerment anthem in which she takes a moment to call out her third grade bully and soak in a tub of self-love.

In a new interview with Fault magazine, Monaé talked about how her perfectionism has held her back in life. "One of my faults is that I'm a self-editor and perfectionist and I don't enjoy my experiences when I'm so focused on being consistently perfect in every situation," Monaé said. "It's something that I've had to work on my entire life actively. It used to consume my experience, and I couldn't enjoy things because I was so focused on how they were going to be presented. I was so concerned with what people thought, but now I'm just at this point in my life where I'm finding strength in my imperfections, and I realize that I connect more with myself and with other people when my faults are being shared for all to see."

"I Like That" is an embrace of one's imperfections and flaws, and seems to speak to the perfectionism Monaé references. Given that millennials has a whole struggle with the need to be perfect at all times, the track is particularly salient.

Monaé also announced a new North American tour which will kick off in Seattle in June and end in August in Atlanta, featuring St. Beauty as guest performers. Dirty Computer is out this Friday, April 27, and tickets for most of the dates are on sale Wednesday, May 2.