Janelle Monáe Asks White Allies to Wake Up to Racism

Janelle Monáe Asks White Allies to Wake Up to Racism

Janelle Monáe is calling upon white allies to "stand up" to racism.

Amid continued nationwide protests in response to the murder of George Floyd by the Minneapolis police, the star spoke to Varietyfor its Power of Women issue about the current state of America. And her biggest takeaway? Per the publication, it's that "people — especially white people — [need] to wake up."

"Because we need you," Monáe said. "We need more people inside these places, inside these police precincts and these buildings, to stand up. And to be marching. And to be right there with us."

This latest message echoes her previous Instagram post about Floyd's death, in which she implored her followers to spread awareness and join the Black Lives Matter protests.

"I'm tired of talking and begging. This is a step. Only," she wrote. "WE NEED SYSTEMIC CHANGE and LONGTERM JUSTICE to be SERVED ON BEHALF OF OUR PEOPLE. Yes WE will keep speaking and marching AND BURNING SHIT DOWN."

Not only that, but Monáe went on to ask, "when will the majority of protests & outrage be led by white people & police officers everywhere?"

"Internally and publicly! These are your people murdering us. Why are OUR voices & outrage LOUDER THAN YOURS during these times?" she continued, before adding, "WE DIDN'T DO THIS. I'm tired of US HAVING TO DO THE WORK YOU SHOULD BE DOING."

Elsewhere in the interview, Monáe also derided the Trump administration's response to COVID-19 and touched on the way privilege affects conversations surrounding the pandemic.

"Yes, we are in this together. But we're not all going through the same experience financially," she explained. "My situation is a lot different than a single black mom with five kids who just got laid off."

Read Monáe's entire interview, here.

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