Jamie Lynn Spears' Donation Denied by Mental Health Charity

Jamie Lynn Spears' Donation Denied by Mental Health Charity

A mental health organization has publicly declined a donation pledge from Jamie Lynn Spears.

On Monday, This Is My Brave revealed they would no longer accept the proceeds from Jamie Lynn's forthcoming memoir, Things I Should Have Said, following significant pushback from Britney Spears fans.

In a statement posted to This Is My Brave's Instagram, the charity explained that they were "recently recommended to be a beneficiary organization," but after some consideration "made the decision to decline the offer of receiving proceeds from the book sales."

The move comes one week after Jamie Lynn announced she wanted to financially support the organization because she knew "how scary it can be to share personal struggles."

"Especially if you don't feel you have the support or a safe space to do so," she continued, before adding, "And they are doing amazing work to support and encourage people as they bravely share their experiences."

On the heels of Jamie Lynn's post, Britney took to her own Instagram to poke fun at her sister's book by saying she was "thinking of releasing a book next year." And in a winking nod to previous reports that Jamie Lynn was planning to name her book I Must Confess: Family, Fame and Figuring It Out — in reference to Britney's 1998 hit "...Baby One More Time" — the pop icon joked that she was also "having issues coming up with a title."

All of this comes amidst Britney's ongoing battle to end the 13 year-long conservatorship controlled by father Jamie Spears, which she characterized as "abusive" in an explosive court testimony in June. During the hearing, the star also stated that she would "honestly like to sue my family" for "what they did to me" and criticized them for keeping things "a hush-hush secret to benefit all of them."

Not only that, but in a recent Instagram accusing her family of being complicit in her conservatorship, Britney criticized her family for saying "things like 'sorry, you're in a conservatorship,'" and "fucking" with her. Back in July, she also shared a similar post about the lack of support she felt, before specifically calling out Jamie Lynn for "[showing] up at an awards show and [performing] MY SONGS to remixes."

In response to This Is Brave's decision, a source told People that Jamie Lynn was "totally blindsided by them publicly walking away."

"Unfortunately with them backing out, they are essentially saying that one person's mental health struggles are more valid and important than another," the insider said. "They took a clear stand on whose story they thought had more value to them. Seems their actions don't align with their mission of supporting all voices."

See This Is My Brave's announcement below.

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