Jamie Lee Curtis Thinks A24's Multiverse Is Superior to Marvel's

Jamie Lee Curtis Thinks A24's Multiverse Is Superior to Marvel's

by Hedy Phillips

Everything Everywhere All at Once may not strike you as similar to Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, but actually, they do share one big thing in common: the multiverse. So if you’re only feeling equipped to sit through one movie about the multiverse, Jamie Lee Curtis implores you to pick Everything Everywhere All at Once.

The actress, who stars as an IRS inspector named Dierdre in Everything Everywhere All at Once, posted a number of Instagrams over the weekend comparing the two films and low-key shading Doctor Strange. She shared a side-by-side shot of the two movie posters, calling Doctor Strange a “copycat” of her movie and saying her film “out marvels any Marvel movie they put out there.” She even alluded to starting an “internet feud” over all of this.

Curtis then shared a photo of the New York Times review of Doctor Strange, where it’s directly compared to Everything Everywhere All at Once, specifically the multiverse. In the review, The Times wrote that Everything Everywhere All at Once’s multiverse has “infinitely more wit and imagination” than Doctor Strange's.

In her Instagram, Curtis wrote, “It has a deep BEATING heart and BRILLIANT visual treats, EXTRAORDINARY performances and FANTASTIC BEASTLY FIGHT SCENES...... AND it COST LESS than the ENTIRE craft service budget on Doctor Strange and/or any other Marvel movie. COMPETITIVE? Fuck YES. I wasn't head cheerleader in high school for nothing. And P.S. our movie has a dynamite dildo fight scene as well as a very erotic hotdog hand mating dance and rocks.”

A24's Everything Everywhere All at Once, which stars Michelle Yeoh as a wife, mother and daughter traveling through multiple universes trying to navigate her life and culture, was released on March 25 and has had quite a bit of box office success for being a movie with a modest budget. While Doctor Strange inevitably outperformed, well, everything at the box office this past weekend (it brought in almost $200 million on opening weekend), it’s not exactly surprising considering it’s a Marvel movie.

Curtis’ Instagram posts definitely incited some ire from fans — bringing her “internet feud” to life. One person commented on her post, writing, “Preaching love while celebrating bad reviews of Doctor Strange is definitely a weird take,” with several others agreeing. Another commented, “Both films are great in their respective ways to their specific audiences. There’s no need for a competition nor need to brag on who has the best multiverse movie.”

And while this was definitely one way for Curtis to go about promoting her movie, it certainly worked. Her fired-up posts definitely got people talking, even if some of them were mad. The movies really are very different, and like Curtis pointed out — Everything Everywhere All at Once features extremely creepy hot dog fingers and a whole fight scene with dildos as weapons. So when you’re making your weekend plans, keep that in mind.

Photo via Getty/ Matt Winkelmeyer