James Charles Loses Over 100K Followers After Posting His Tuck

James Charles Loses Over 100K Followers After Posting His Tuck

James Charles said he lost thousands of followers thank to his tuck.

For those of you who've never watched an episode of Drag Race, tucking is a technique often employed by drag queens, nonbinary people and trans women as a way to flatten and pull the penis and testicles backwards to avoid a conspicuous crotch bulge. And in what appears to be a celebration of swimsuit season, James decided to upload a poolside video of himself to Instagram, in which he shimmies and twerks around in a bright, cut-out one-piece.

However, viewers quickly took note of the controversial influencer's big booty and the absence of a crotch bulge, leading to some chatter in the comments about a potential BBL and even a penis removal.

"ur missing something bro," as one user wrote under his post, before another fan added, "The BBL is BBLing."

So in response to the speculation, James apparently took to his Instagram Stories to share a photo of him in the middle of the tucking process, according to a report from PopBuzz.

"When people ask me if I 'cut it off' here's ur answer hahahaha," he supposedly wrote alongside a snap of himself readjusting his junk. But even so, that didn't stop his followers from imploring him to "delete this" and pulling out things like the old "ma’am, this is a Wendy’s" joke.

Meanwhile, others just begged James to "PLEASE STOP" with his "oversharing," with some people on Twitter also asking other users to "stop putting James Charles tucking himself on my tl."

Not only that, but the outlet also noted that James later returned to his IG to claim he "lost 80,000 followers today for posting that tucking story," before unapologetically adding, "I'm so sorry that y'all are boring, u will not be missed." Except since then, Social Blade has reported the loss of another 57,800 followers for a grand total of 140,213. Oop.

Photo via Getty / Stefanie Keenan