Is Jaden Smith the Future?

Is Jaden Smith the Future?

In case you were wondering who we are and where we're going, Jaden Smith has all the answers.

The young star and wise existentialist celebrated his 20th anniversary with a new album, Syre: The Electric Album. Before you get too excited, The Electric Album is not wholly-fresh content, but five electronically-updated tracks from Smith's 2017 album Syre. Each song is accompanied by a music video of sorts, featuring new love interests and a candy-pink sunset.

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The new streaming format certainly inspires questions as to the future of artists' releases. What if Spotify/Apple/SoundCloud/YouTube all became defunct, and Instagram becomes the supreme ruler of music drops? Jaden Smith certainly makes you think. As for how he is faring post-release, we hope its taken some weight off his chest.

Photo via BFA