Jaded London Raves With PAPER and Tunnel in LA

Jaded London Raves With PAPER and Tunnel in LA

By Justin MoranApr 14, 2023

“LA has never looked like this on a Wednesday,” shouts Daniel Osahon (AKA Oza), co-founder of the queer collective Tunnel, as Warsaw-born VTSS DJs a blazing late-night techno set at Don Quixote.

Nearby, NYC pop princess Miss Madeline whips her red hair, twirling with Yves Tumor and TikTok’s Goddess Boys as The Cobrasnake slithers around bodies, unleashing his surprise camera flash on ravers wearing head-to-toe Jaded London. Perhaps he’s why VIP guest Gia Woods is never photographed without her signature face-shielding sunglasses.

DJ Memphy eventually emerges to play hype girl on stage; a lowkey, hooded Hunter Schafer jumps and smiles from inside the crowd; and everyone from fashion supermodel Alton Mason to rising stars Siiickbrain and Dorian Electra run about, darting between the open bar, outdoor smoking section and bathrooms for critical mirror pics.

Jaded London, which has become inescapable this past year on TikTok For You pages, is in town for their pop-up store, collaborating with PAPER and Tunnel to throw a private Eastside rave with sounds from x3butterfly, Memphy, Oza, Palma and VTSS. A real “if you know, you know” event, the night brought New York energy to Los Angeles, with a touch of London grit.

The brand has been active during the week, selling exclusive merch to followers who’ve come to love their European streetwear sensibility. Graphic tees with “British People Aren’t Real” printed across them, plunging denim party dresses and their signature baggy cargo pants were all sold, with free tattoos available for Jaded London super fans. (The two-headed lamb flash was a must.)

So if you were the hyped birthday crew that pulled up in a vintage stretch limo, PAPER loves you. Or if you woke up the next day with a hangover from a few too many blue-colored margaritas, we’re right there with you. And if you watched the entire night unfold from your iPhone screens in bed, we’ll catch you at the next one.

Check out photos from Jaded London’s April 12 rave with PAPER and Tunnel, below.

This article is a sponsored collaboration between PAPER and Jaded London.

Photography by Cobrasnake