Simon Porte Jacquemus is Launching a Menswear Line

Simon Porte Jacquemus is Launching a Menswear Line

Simon Porte Jacquemus, mastermind behind Jacquemus and a beacon of radiant light among many stiff Parisian fashion houses, is moving into menswear (and everyone should be thankful).

Jacquemus has been teasing us for quite some time with the titillating hashtag "#newjob" applied to all of his Instagram captions. The natural assumption was that he would replace Queen Phoebe Philo at Céline, but no. As Jacquemus explains to Vogue, "You can have a new job even if it's at your own house."

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"It was so weird to do a fitting with a male model," he told Vogue. "I usually drape the clothes directly onto the girl, but this was different... so I am learning something new. I don't want to do the men's exactly like the women's. Everything comes from the heart with me, so I am going to discover myself as I design it. My woman was very naive when I started, and she became more sophisticated with time. The men's is going to be same. It'll be serious, even if I am not!"

As for when we will see our first peek at the new line, it won't be until summer, with the rest of the details still up in the air. If you need some Jacquemus to keep you going in the meantime, however, check out the best looks from his truly excellent Fall '18 presentation "LE SOUK," below.

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