MUA YouTuber Jaclyn Hill Criticized For Selling 'Hairy,' 'Lumpy' Lipsticks

MUA YouTuber Jaclyn Hill Criticized For Selling 'Hairy,' 'Lumpy' Lipsticks

Fans of MUA YouTuber Jaclyn Hill are currently expressing their frustration with her new line of lipsticks, which they claim to have found "hairs," "lumps," and "hard balls" in.

Last month, the popular beauty vlogger announced the launch of her new company, Jaclyn Cosmetics, with a line of 20 nude lipsticks. Needless to say, given the success of her past product collaborations, the line quickly sold out. However, once people actually started receiving their packages, it appears that they were less than impressed.

Complaints range from "crumbled" lipsticks, "hard balls" embedded in the product, and "lumpy" textures.

Not only that, but some also claimed to have received "hairy" lipsticks with "fuzz" on them — including fellow YouTuber RawBeautyKristi, who even went so far as to put the product under a microscope.

In response to the criticism, Hill hopped onto Twitter to apologize and promise to "make it right." Hill also said her team is looking into what exactly is causing the "grittiness & bumpy texture," though she claims that the "hair" came from the "brand new white gloves" used at her factory.

As for an official response, a spokesperson for Jaclyn Cosmetics told Fox News that they believe that "less than half of one percent of orders were impacted by compromised product."

"We are actively reaching out to our customers with questions and concerns and have added to our customer service team to make sure that any questions are swiftly addressed," they added. "We are keeping an eye on the Jaclyn Cosmetics social channels and, and welcome all feedback. We love our customers and are proud of our successful launch."

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