Jaclyn Hill 'Canceled' Herself for Halloween

Jaclyn Hill 'Canceled' Herself for Halloween

Cancel culture has become somewhat of a contentious topic online, with users debating who "deserves" to be canceled and who doesn't. Within the beauty world, James Charles and Jaclyn Hill have probably seen the worst of it this year. While Charles has largely stuck to making amends and shedding light on his side of the story, Hill, on the other hand, has gone ahead and 'canceled' herself.

For her annual Halloween party in LA, the beauty blogger showed off what she called her 'canceled costume.' With 'Jaclyn Hill canceled' in block letters painted across her black dress, the look is completed with fake blood smeared across her face.

Documented all across her Instagram stories, Hill seems to be inspired by her own scandals as she can be seen dancing to the song "Love Me or Hate Me" by Lady Sovereign in the video.

The influencer has had a tumultuous year. After launching her namesake beauty label, Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics, she was hit with massive backlash across social media.

Customers who purchased the first batch of her lipsticks complained the products received were "deformed, broken, and moldy" and even contained strands of hair. Although at first Hill seemed to have defended her products, claiming it wasn't really her fault, she eventually agreed to refund all purchases regardless of the extent of damage. No word yet on when Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics will be back in business, but the official website currently indicates it should shall happen at some point.

Though the consensus on whether Hill's Halloween costume is controversial or not is still up in the air, it'll be interesting to see if fans react positively or even comically to her look.

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