Donate to This Fund Providing COVID-19 Supplies to Students and Their Families

Donate to This Fund Providing COVID-19 Supplies to Students and Their Families

Amid the coronavirus outbreak, parents, teachers, and students have continued to voice concerns about reopening classrooms this fall. But what makes this all the more pressing is the prospect of schools becoming hubs for the virus's spread if there's not enough personal protective equipment and cleaning supplies available, particularly within predominantly Black and brown communities. And in light of this concern, a new initiative trying to provide care packages of laundry detergents, cleaning supplies, masks, and toiletries to the residents of Harvey, Illinois has been started.

On Monday, comedian Jaboukie Young-White called upon his followers to share his post about contributing to a fund spearheaded by his mother Norma Young-White, who is also the head of the teacher's union in his hometown.

"A lot of Harvey families live in poverty & cant afford PPE for home OR school. the teacher are fighting to not go back but in the meantime, families are still in need," Jaboukie wrote. "Black & brown communities will be hit hardest this fall & its truly life or death. please join me in donating or sharing if you can."

According to a screenshot of a letter written by his mother, the care packages — estimated to cost $25 each — will be distributed to "as many residents of Harvey as possible."

"The Harvey Education Association recognizes the impact that COVID-19 has had on the community of Harvey and we desire to extend our service and duty beyond the walls of our classrooms," she wrote, before adding, "We acknowledge the financial challenge of this endeavor and are reaching out for help."

To contribute to the initiative, you can Venmo the Harvey Education Association, here. See Jaboukie's post, below.

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