Indya Moore: LGBTQ Oppression Isn’t Seasonal

Indya Moore: LGBTQ Oppression Isn’t Seasonal

Actor and model Indya Moore is here to remind us all that LGBTQ+ issues aren't just concerns for Pride Month, but should be acknowledged and addressed daily. Moore took to Twitter, and got super real by opening a discussion about how LGBTQ+ representation shouldn't be used merely as a marketing strategy for brands.

"This pride month, I want brands to acknowledge & hire LGBTQ people not just on pride month but after this pride month," they tweeted. "Representation shouldn't be an annual even, holiday or a marketing strategy. It Should be a normalized & regular protocol whenever it's time to hire." They also quoted Twitter user @GeneFromDa_Blk, who said, "Our Oppression isn't seasonal."

Moore extended the conversation into the problem with capitalist behavior, and how many commercial brands tend to take advantage of Pride Month to sell to queer people, taking their money as opposed to giving to the community. They suggest, "Fashion brands should celebrate pride by giving clothes to queer people in need with cis het money."

They also rebutted a couple of commenters who presented the argument that "Business owners should be free to hire as they please." They replied, "If business owners were free to hire who they pleased, Black people would never have jobs. Trans people would never have jobs. there was a time where only white people can legally own business in America and still most our money in banks that won't loan to us /30% interest"

And when another commenter wrote, "Why? Are LGBTQ people naturally more talented than straight people?" Moore responded, "I'm sure that's true atleast in context to survival and fighting... But really because brands typically celebrate pride by focusing on selling to queer people not really by giving to queer people."

When buying rainbow products, pride shirts, and other merch, it's important to make sure that the brand you're purchasing from doesn't just show superficial support through prints and statements. These brands' goal should be to actually help promote the rights of the LGBTQ+ community, and to empower its members by funding supporting organizations. Otherwise, you should probably think twice about adding to cart.

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