ICYMI, MaleCrimp is everywhere!

ICYMI, MaleCrimp is everywhere!

Theron LongFeb 13, 2017

There are few guys on social media that we enjoy following more than Kyle Krieger and Nico Tortorella. Both of these guys have erected HUGE social followings with videos, posts, blogs, and podcasts detailing both their professional and personal lives. The two have a natural chemistry that makes the thirst all the more real (not to mention how easy on the eyes they both are).

Imagine how excited we were when we discovered Kyle's latest video: Do You MaleCrimp? FT Nico Tortorella. In this hilarious video we find the fearless duo joking about 80's pop icons, creating new dance moves, and styling Nico's hair! And it's that MaleCrimp trend we keep seeing everywhere. Boom!

Feast your eyes on the video here:

Let's be honest, we would basically watch videos of these guys sleeping, but thank God these two keep showing us so much more!

Check out the photos below.