Someone Stole Ice Spice's Mannequin in London

Someone Stole Ice Spice's Mannequin in London

by Peyton Gatewood

If you see an Ice Spice mannequin in London, it’s probably missing.

At the beginning of the week, two mannequins in imitation of Ice Spice and PinkPantheress were installed just below a billboard in England, Pantheress’ home. The lookalikes appeared to graffiti “LIAR” across the side of a building with hot pink spray paint in Central London, a treat to fans in celebration of “Boy’s a liar Pt. 2.” The song, which is a remix of Pantheress’s song featuring Ice Spice, has been topping charts and making rounds, especially on TikTok. Fans in the area flocked to see the installation, happily indulging in the trend.

Not long after, a crowd of young people stole Ice Spice’s statue overnight. They filmed the entire thing and posted it on Tiktok in the aftermath, captioning the video: “Come w us to steal Ice Spice at 1am.”

This upset many fans who were hurt that the campaign couldn’t have been enjoyed and shared by everyone near the area.

One Twitter user who made the trek the morning after the incident was especially upset.

Some were unconcerned, pointing out the inevitability of a mannequin being stolen while accessible from the street, and that the statue could be easily replaced. More than anything, users were annoyed that the suspects involved in the theft were bold enough to show their faces in a video committing the crime and then post it themselves, drawing conclusions about society’s lust for attention as a whole. One fan wrote, “We literally have no incentive in society to not be terrible people as long as it gets us attention which usually equals money & success.”

Others simply laughed it off, drawing conclusions on who might have stolen Ice Spice.

For now, the space above Euston Shoemaker London remains empty, unless someone wants to bring Ice Spice back to her rightful English home.

Photo via Getty/ Paras Griffin