Ain't No Party Like a Huddy Punk Party

Ain't No Party Like a Huddy Punk Party

By Ivan GuzmanMay 21, 2024

Remember walking into Hot Topic in 2008? That warm feeling you got hearing My Chemical Romance and longing for swooped, jet black hair and a metal nose piercing?

Last week in LA, those vibes were brought to life in the modern day by Huddy. The 21-year-old pop punk prince just dropped his new EP, Love Bites, and to celebrate, wrangled all the E-Boys and it-fluencers for one big night at No Vacancy in Hollywood. In attendance were our favorite West Coast caricatures like Carrington, Machine Gun Kelly, Yung Gravy and Larray, but it was really all about the fans.

Presented by, an online platform for talents to connect with their fans directly, the event was a goldmine for connecting over that long-lost emo aura. “My fans mean everything to me so this is a super special opportunity for me," he tells PAPER. “Connecting with the fans one-on-one has been so fulfilling, and I’m going to be posting exclusive party content [on] after the party as well as doing live streams, clothing hauls and Q&As.”

Since blowing up on TikTok, the California native has become known for revitalizing that nostalgic spirit when Blink-182 and Fall Out Boy ruled the airwaves and minds of young music lovers. He’s done so by infusing his charming Gen Z aesthetic and spirit into everything he puts out, and people have clearly taken notice. And with the energy this high, we can only imagine that Huddy’s universe will only keep getting bigger.

Photography: Max Polo