Hilary Duff Gets Breakthrough COVID-19 Infection

Hilary Duff Gets Breakthrough COVID-19 Infection

Actress Hilary Duff revealed Friday night that she has tested positive for COVID-19.

The former Disney star posted a selfie in bed on her Instagram Story, captioned, "That delta...she's a little bitch." She said that her symptoms include a bad headache, the disappearance of her sense of taste and smell, some sinus pressure, and "brain fog." Still, Duff emphasized that she's "happy to be vaxxed."

Duff's breakthrough COVID-19 infection comes just after she gave birth to her third child, and as filming began for her new show, How I Met Your Father — a spinoff of the popular mid-2000's series How I Met Your Mother. Duff is playing the lead in the series, and though production hasn't made any announcements, this may cause a delay for the show.

As the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has said before, breakthrough infections are expected but only occur in a small percentage of vaccinated people. Vaccines are essential to prevent severe symptoms and hospitalizations and to keep the virus outbreak under control.

Aside from Duff, Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Clarissa star Melissa Joan Hart also revealed that she got COVID despite being vaccinated. The actress captioned a video post, "Im not posting this to be political or gain pity, I just want to share my journey. This isn't up for debate, it's just how I feel today on my page."

She said that the infection gave her pretty bad symptoms, saying that it was weighing on her chest and it was difficult to breathe. She also said that while she and her family have been taking precautions, they got a little lazy when some restrictions were lifted. She also made the case for schools to require masks for their students, saying, "I'm really mad that my kids didn't have to wear masks at school. Because I'm pretty sure that's where this came from."

To read the CDC's current COVID-19 guidelines, click here.

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