Henry Cavill Is Stupid Buff

Henry Cavill Is Stupid Buff

It appears that we have finally reached that point of our quarantine journey where we've become so bored and horny that Henry Cavill meticulously building a PC is apparently doing it for us.

The Witcher and Man of Steel actor posted a video on Instagram earlier today of him putting together a new gaming PC from scratch. The video shows Cavill carefuly reading instructions, peeling the plastic off of graphics cards, hooking up cooling systems, undoing impossibly tiny screws and installing hard drives, but odds are you weren't really paying attention to all of that.

Inexplicably set to a suggestive soundtrack of Barry White songs, the five and a half minute video has the internet fawning over the actor's extremely buff physique, taking in the free gun show that Cavill has put on full display. And to be fair, Cavill does, to a certain extent, invite this upon himself. An avid gamer, it makes sense logically that he would handle all these extremely delicate and sensitive computer parts with a great degree of care, but the gentle caresses and innuendo-inducing positions Cavill assumes aren't leaving much room for ambiguity. He even winkingly captions the post with "This kind of material isn't for everyone....viewer discretion is advised. You may see a lot of parts that you haven't seen before."

Like the simps they are, the internet happily took the bait and threw open the thirst tweet floodgates:

Ok that's enough, you can pick your tongue up off the floor now.

Photo via Getty/ Karwai Tang/ WireImage