Take a One-Way Space Voyage to 'HelmutLand'

Take a One-Way Space Voyage to 'HelmutLand'

by Aaron Royce

What do you do when the world is on fire? Go to space, according to Helmut Lang. The New York-based brand made a whimsical, timely statement today with its latest artist collaboration, aptly titled "HelmutLand."

For Fall 2020, the fictional HelmutLand represents a place where Lang fans can escape to be themselves, a fitting sentiment given the state of the world right now. The brand created a video and capsule collection with artist PZ Opassuksatit, whom they collaborated with on its popular love-themed capsule last summer.

Opassuksatit created all of the graphics in the video, which celebrates Helmut Lang's rich brand heritage. The film is a clever spin on YouTube tutorials astronauts create in space for eating, working out and bathing with zero gravity. For five minutes, models show how to wash your hair, make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and prepare for landing while on the fictional Head '95 Rocket, en route to HelmutLand. Each of these scenes is interspersed with a clip of the new HelmutLand Mouse mascot floating through the galaxy.

The capsule's hoodies, sweats and shirts pay homage to Lang's minimalistic roots with modern, playful updates. In the video, a purple sweatsuit is adorned with colorful graphics, a deep green sweater portrays the HelmutLand Mouse, and a gray shirt jacket is paired with sweatshorts to create a futuristic suit of sorts (ironic, as classic menswear is currently on the decline). Though we're waiting for the rest of the collection, it looks like perfect WFH attire — a clever move by Creative Director Thomas Cawson.

Within the homage, fashion fans are sure to spot some of Lang's iconic pieces in Opassuksatit's graphics. Most notably, the 1995 Summer Camp tank and 1993 painted cowboy boots make appearances in the HelmutLand capsule.

The video continues a streak of experimental Helmut Lang presentations following its Fall 2020 collection, shown through a photo series by Sunil Gupta. As Fashion Week undergoes major changes, it's uncertain if Lang — or any US brand — will put on in-person fashion shows anytime soon. Could Lang's film indicate the future of fashion presentations? Who can say? We're already booking our one-way tickets to HelmutLand.

The collection, ranging from $175-$495, is available now in select stores and online. Check out the video below.

Photos courtesy of Helmut Lang