Heidi Montag Eats Raw Animal Organs Now

Heidi Montag Eats Raw Animal Organs Now

by Camille Bavera

Heidi Montag has gone full Goop or Bear Grylls, depending on who you ask. Former TheHills star took to TikTok after trying this week’s latest health craze: animal organs, more specifically, raw liver.

The video showed Montag holding up a large, raw liver to the camera before tearing a large chunk off with her pearly whites. “There are so many health benefits to eating liver, animal organs, raw liver,” she said in the video. “You definitely get used to it.”

Heidi has indeed gotten used to it. This isn’t the first time she’s explored less popular snacks, and has latched onto her new carnivorous diet by the balls. Literally. Earlier this month the reality tv star uploaded a video eating raw bull testicles alongside the caption, “Eating bull balls, it’s all about the animal organs.”

This newest meat craze — #carnivorediet, #healthy — could either be the latest and greatest or just another fad inspired by Dr. Paul Saladino’s aesthetic Instagram meat reels. The reels, which are usually titled “BS or not?,” are part of Dr. Saladino's wider mission to help “a billion humans help reclaim their birthright to radical health,” which Montag has seemingly subscribed to.

However, this isn't the first time the reality star's been spotted eating something unexpected. Montag's first carnal endeavor came in January where she was seen chomping on little bits of Bison liver resembling cat food. “I didn’t know if I could eat this. Let’s hope this helps me get pregnant,” she said in the video before chugging water in between bites. But even Montag, who is known for her pregnancy dramatics after The Hills, has officially taken it to a whole new level. Seeing as though she's turned off her comments on the social media post, her followers aren't going to follow in Montag's footsteps any time soon.

Photo via Getty/ Joe Kohen