King Charles Evicts Harry and Megan From Their Royal Home

King Charles Evicts Harry and Megan From Their Royal Home

As King Charles scrambles to find literally anyone willing to play his coronation, the royal family continues to further entrench itself in more drama with word that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are being evicted from their UK residence.

Representatives for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have apparently confirmed that the soon-to-be-crowned monarch has "requested to vacate their residence at Frogmore Cottage,” which was given to them as a wedding gift by Queen Elizabeth. According to royal biographer Omid Scobie, Harry and Meghan have until “at least the coronation” — if they choose to even attend — or "early summer" to collect their belongings from the residence. The eviction is being seen as the final nail in the coffin of the relationship between the couple and the royal family.

To make matters worse, the Windsor estate is reportedly being emptied out in order to make room for Prince Andrew, who you may remember as having been one of the high-profile figures implicated in the Epstein sex trafficking scandal. Having already been stripped of his title and royal duties after allegations of rape and committing sex crimes against a minor surfaced, Prince Andrew is expected to downsize from his current residence at the Royal Lodge to Frogmore later this summer. The move comes just a month after Andrew was reported to have lost his Buckingham Palace apartment, which supposedly contained an extensive teddy bear collection, and had his annual £249,000 allowance slashed.

The eviction seems to have been motivated by shocking revelations made by Prince Harry in his recent memoir, Spare. In addition to going into way too much detail about his frostbitten "todger," Harry's autobiography contained several embarrassing anecdotes about Charles including the allegation that he used to constantly joke that he wasn't Harry's "real" father, refused to hug him after his mother died, didn't want to pay Meghan Markle to become a full royal and would do headstands in his underwear to alleviate back pain. Charles allegedly started the eviction process just a day after Spare hit shelves and was described as feeling like “very final and like a cruel punishment,” cutting all ties with Harry and Meghan for good.

Fortunately, Harry and Meghan will still have their Californian home in Monteceito but will now have to find a new place to live should they ever want make a trip back across the pond. The couple last stayed at the cottage when they attended the Queen's Platinum Jubilee and had signed a 12-month extension on their lease last April, but they haven't been offered another royal-owned property as the end of the contract nears.

Harry and Meghan don't seem to be too bothered by the fallout from the memoir's release. “Harry said he was really happy about the success of the book and the reaction to it,” an insider told Page Six last month. “He said he had no regrets about any of the revelations, and he’s relieved to have got his story out into the world. There’s been an amazing reaction to it, he said.” The book has apparently been such a runaway success that Harry is currently penning new chapters in future editions of the tell-all that will feature more salacious details about his royal life.

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