Matthew McConaughey Will Live His Truth In Harmony Korine’s New Stoner Comedy

Matthew McConaughey Will Live His Truth In Harmony Korine’s New Stoner Comedy

No one can take human depravity and turn it into something beautiful and sad and hilarious like Spring Breakers-director Harmony Korine.

The trailer for Korine's highly-awaited hazy-neon, beach-set stoner comedy The Beach Bum has been revealed and it looks delicious. It also promises to give Matthew McConaughey the platform to coalesce ultimate McConaughey character — the character that's inside his soul and that he's been circling around for years, with Magic Mike's Dallas, The Wolf Of Wall Street's Mark Hanna etc.

McConaughey barely appears to be acting in the role of Moondog: a lovable but bedraggled stoner-enigma-loser-poet who's up to every kind of debauchery, running around with Snoop Dogg (his character's name is Lingerie) and penning his poems on a typewriter in unbuttoned Hawaiian shirts and pink feat bathrobes. It's a pure McConaughey character, oozing both simultaneous eccentric, transcendent wisdom and egomaniacal pathetic-ness. Presumably, he'll get wasted and talk about the meaning of life with the film's which also includes Jonah Hill, Isla Fisher, Zac Efron, Martin Lawrence and Jimmy Buffett.

The trailer offers a sneak-peak into Moondog's philosophy: "Life's a fuckin' rodeo. I'm gonna suck the nectar out of it and fuck it raw dog till the wheels come off." Indie Wirereported that Snoop Dogg kept switching the prop weed for real weed on set, so we know some revelations are in store.

Speaking with Dazed, Korine called the film a "super swampy, boozy film about fuck-ups" and "what I consider to be my first full comedy." The Beach Bum is due in Theaters in March 2019.

Watch below: