Alec Baldwin Speaks Out on Halyna Hutchins Shooting

Alec Baldwin Speaks Out on Halyna Hutchins Shooting

Alec Baldwin is speaking out for the very first time about the fatal shooting of Halyna Hutchins.

On Saturday, the actor and his wife Hilaria Baldwin decided to directly address the paparazzi who were following him and his family around during their stay in Manchester, VT. "I'm not allowed to make any comments because it's an ongoing investigation," Baldwin said in a video posted on TMZ. "I've been ordered by the Sheriff's Department in Santa Fe. I can't answer any questions about the investigation. I can't."

But while Baldwin couldn't give any details about the ongoing investigation specifically, he did speak about Hutchins. "She was my friend," Baldwin said. "The day I arrived in Santa Fe to start shooting I took her to dinner with Joel the director." He added, "We were a very very ... well-oiled crew shooting a film together and then this horrible event happened."

Baldwin revealed that he's met with Hutchins' husband and her young son, and is still in constant contact with them. He said that he "wouldn't know how to categorize" how the meeting went, as they are understandably still in shock. "The guy is overwhelmed with grief," he said. "There are incidental accidents on film sets from time to time, but nothing like this. This is a one in a trillion episode."

Baldwin reiterated that he isn't an expert on the use of firearms on film sets, but that he trusts the people in the field to decide what the best course of action is to ensure the safety of everyone going forward. He said, "I will cooperate with that in any way that I can."

At the end of the clip, the Baldwins asked that the paparazzi stop tailing them, saying that their children were crying in the car because of the relentless pursuit.

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